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Roll feed controllers...

SV-1 Servo

SV Roll Feed ControllerThe SV-1 Servo controller from Powair offers a high performance servo drive solution at a very reasonable cost. The SV-1 incorporates a simple control panel for operator control and is designed to comply with European Safety Standards.

The complete control system is mounted in a compact electrical enclosure. Plus connections at the motor enable quick and easy installation.

A resolver is used to provide reliable and consistent feedback from the 3 phase AC brushless servo monitor. The controller can act as a master or a slave to the press.

An 'in metal' signal input facility from the press is linked into the dual circuit safety system enabling a controlled shut down of the motor drive should an attempt be made to feed while the press is cutting into the material. This signal may also be used to link into guard entry circuits.

The 2 line display and multi-function key pad allows setting of the pitch length, selecting operating mode and manual jogging.


SVX Roll Feed ControllerThe SVX controller extends the capabilities of the standard SV unit by incorporating additional features for the most demanding control requirements. These include:

  • multi-job and multi-station programming
  • storage for 100 programs
  • 4 line x 20 character display
  • networking option (e.g. Profi-bus)
  • additional material slip feedback option






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