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About Powair...

Powair Automation designs and manufactures pneumatic and electronic press automation products, as well as supplying total turn key system solutions around the world. Powair's product range is designed to offer reliable and accurate handling and feeding of materials in press shop applications.

Powair commenced operations in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, in 1949 under the name Lerche Engineering, and over the years has developed a sound reputation as a world leader in press feeds and equipment. In the autumn of 1999 Powair was taken over by The Automation Group. The takeover has allowed Powair to share expertise with other companies within the group, alowing Powair to satisfy even more industrial problems.

Powair has a global network of distributors across 5 continents, supplying Powair feed products to customers throughout the world, the Powair brand being renowned for quality, reliability and durability. Powair air feeds have long been regarded as a 'best of breed' product in the industry, and its roll feeds offer a flexible alternative to air feeds where changeover and cycle times are of prime concern. Powair also manufactures decoilers and levellers up to 2 tonne capacity. In addition, we also act as system integrators capable of supplying total turnkey solutions for a wide range of press applications.

With such a wide selection of sizes for each product line, Powair offers solutions for a vast array of industrial applications involving material feeding processes.

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