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Air feeds - design features...

air feed diagram

Main design points

  • Only one airline supply
  • Unique internal damage-proof main valve
  • No marking or marring of material
  • Easily adjusted stroke lengths
  • No control cams necessary, only a striker to actuate the trigger
  • Simple adaptation for remote air valve activation if cams are to be used
  • No projecting nuts, screws, bolts, bars, levers or plates to work loose
  • Speed adjustable in forward or reverse mode
  • Sliding elements fully cushion against shock at both ends of stroke
  • Designed for long life (feeds over 25 years old are still coming back for servicing)
  • Easily fitted replaceable stainless steel wear plates
  • Repeatable accuracy 0.03mm (0.001")/cycle
  • Compact, safe, fast and self-contained
  • Positivie guiding of sliding elements
  • Clamp heads can be removed without dismantling feed from press
  • Easy 'O' ring change. Recommended every 25 million cycles or 6 months depending upon usage
  • Clamp heads easily adaptable for profile sections
  • Simple retro-fit electric solenoid stock clamp release system
  • Over 100 standard models
  • Roll band feeds to give up to 50% more performance
  • Open throat feeds for wide materials up to 1500mm
  • Fast, efficient after-sales service
  • Used in over 32 countries worldwide


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