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Many feeding systems require a facility to eliminate lengths of scrap. Powair Automation offers a range of guillotines designed to cut scrap ladder as it exits the press tool. Powair guillotines operate with speed, save on factory space, and have been designed to the highest safety standards. Guillotines also provide a cost effective solution, saving on labour costs.

Strip Guillotines

Strip guillotinePowair pneumatic strip guillotines are especially suited to cutting scrap ladder as it leaves tools. Alternatively, these simple guillotines can be used in other strip-cutting applications, and can be utilised on cut-to-length lines.

Powair offers 4 models with optional extras including guide rollers to assist with the flow of material into the cutting blades, and special control which can be preset to allow up to 20 strokes of the press to one stroke of the guillotine.


12.25" Pneumatic 'Microcut' Guillotine

guillotineThe 12.25" (310mm) model is one of our most popular guillotines, capable of cutting 310mm wide x 1.2mm thick solid mild steel strip if used as a guillotine. It is also designed to cut the scrap ladder as it exits the press tool, ensuring safety, speed and savings in space and labour costs. Thicker material can be accommodated up to 3mm and the unit will operate at 60spm.

The 'Microcut' unit is pneumatic and is supplied as standard with an air remote one way trip valve for actuation from a striker fitted to a press or press tool. The unit can also be signalled to operate using an electric solenoid valve.

Model: GI/1225
Width: 310mm
Max Pressure: 7000kgs
Max Strip Section: 310mm x 1.2mm

The 12.25 'Microcut' can be mounted on a stand to form a ortable precision guillotine operated by foot pedal or for continuous automatic cutting.

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