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roll feeds from Powair...

roll feed in actionWhen Powair produced its first roll feed product, one aim stood out above all others - to develop a product that built upon the quality and reputation of its world renowned air feeds. Since then, the product range has been enhanced and extended to reinforce that aim.

As customers have come to expect from Powair, its roll feed products are very robust and reliable. A solid framework supporting high quality rolls that are put through a multistage grinding and hardening process offers the precision and toughness required in the most demanding applications. Powair manufactures a wide range of roll feed products capable of handling materials up to 6.0mm in thickness and 1300mm in width.

Driven top and bottom rollers

To provide maximum drive capability Powair drives both top and bottom rollers on every product in the range. The rollers are held in dual bearing arrangement of needle bearings and ball bearings.roll feed mph

Roll adjustment

Rolls are adjustable for both load and eccentricity helping to eliminate feed induced camber and marking of the material.

Constant mesh gearing

The gears are arranged to remain in mesh even when open, minimising wear, noise and vibration. This also ensures that full gear contact is maintained throughout the range of material thicknesses handled by each model in the range.

The use of straight cut gears eliminates the need for an oil bath.

Input cascade rolls

All feeds incorporate a cascade roller section at infeed to support material feeding into the feed. Easily adjusted side guides ensure consistent material throughout.

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