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RF Series roll feeds...

The Powair RF range of roll feeds, from the compact RF50 to the massive RF160, is able to cater for a wide range of material feeding applications.


roll feed RF65The RF65 range of feeders was specifically designed as a mid-range product to satisfy the widest range of material sizes in a single product in a cost effective manner. After all, the main reason people by a roll feed is to be able to quickly change over from one product to another. Many feeders in the market place restrict the full utilisation of a press because of the limited width and thickness of material they can feed. Economics dictates that it's the press that should be the limiting factor, not the roll feed.

All pneumatics for the roll feed unit are piped internally within the top mounted chamber.

The RF65 is compatible with both the SV-1 and SVX range of Powair Servo controllers or they can be supplied in mechanics-only form for system integrators.

These feeds are the most popular range at Powair and have been used in a multitude of applications.


RF series roll feedThe RF160 is a sturdy workhorse capable of accurately feeding materials up to 1.3 meters in width. The heavy duty rollers are specially designed to minimise intertial loads without compromising roll deflection. Roll release is optimised over the range of material thicknesses via a manual adjustment cam.

Single or double roll supports and rubberised rolls are available as options.



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