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world class air feeds from Powair...

air feed at Nissan Powair offers a comprehensive range of air feed equipment, from standard feeds to open throat and rollband feeds. We also offer a number of heavy duty feeds for applications demanding higher strength and performance solutions.

Standard feeds

Powair Air Feeds work on the soundest of principles. The material being fed through the product is powerfully gripped at all times, alternately by the fixed and moving clamps to ensure it cannot slip or be misfed. On all feed units shock absorbing cushioned dead stops, at either end of the stroke, provide unerring feed repeatabilitiy with no bounce.

Heavy duty feeds

In addition to the standard feeds the HD and HDX feeds offer higher performance by using increased clamp and feed cylinder bores. Some HDX units offer twice the pulling power of the comparable standard product. They are recommended for use with less flexible materials.

Rollband feeds

rollband air feed

(Brit. Patent No. 1285763) Rollband Feeds, which were pioneered by Powair, completely eliminate 'buckling' when feeding very thin or flimsy materials. They are modified versions of standard units where two endless bands are added. The material is 'sandwiched' between the bands over a large area, and these units feed metallic or non-metallic strip with the normal Powair high accuracy.

Open throat feeds

For applications where a variety of strip widths must be accommodated. Powair can supply specially strengthened open-side units. These operate in synchronised pairs, one on each edge of the strip, and provide double the pulling power. Apart from being able to space them apart to any width within the limits of the particular model, the units operate exactly as standard feeds, providing full stroke variation and the usual 0.03mm (0.001") repeatability. Material widths up to 2 metres have been fed with open throat feeds.


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