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material feeding solutions from Powair...

When your industrial applications involve material pressing, it’s imperative that you have reliable and consistent material feeding mechanisms in place in order to optimise output and cut down on feed problems.  Powair Automation is one of the biggest names in material feed solutions, manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range of air and roll feeds for a range of material dimensions and qualities.

air feeds 
roll feeds

Air feeds

Powair have been supplying air feeds to customers for decades, building a sound reputation in the process. The comprehensive range offers solutions for a variety of material widths. Over the years this range has expanded with innovative new products such as the roll-band feed for the feeding of flimsy materials into the press.

Roll feeds

Powair’s roll feeds were introduced to build on the reputation of its air feeds. The durable units each provide the precision and robustness necessary for some applications. The range caters for a wide range of materials and is now Powair’s most popular product line.

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